Taroko 123 | Taroko 123 | Indigenous Truku Tours in Taroko Gorge
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Taroko 123

Taroko 123 is a new way to explore Taroko Gorge. Our private, tailor-made tours are led by indigenous Truku friends who will introduce you to their home, landscape, and culture for a true insider’s look at Taroko.


People are at the heart of Taroko 123. All tours are led by local indigenous people who live in Taroko. You’ll be introduced to the stories and secrets of Tarokothe beautiful landscape and their home.


Our customizable trips can be tailored to anyone, from families with children to adventure-seeking backpackers. Our three packages include Taroko Leisure, Taroko Adventure, and Taroko Hike & Bike.


We are not the typical travel group. Taroko 123’s proceeds go directly to the local indigenous population and to funding Kaixin Workshop, a nonprofit initiative that brings global education to improve the lives of indigenous children in Taroko.


Taroko is more than just our home. It’s the gem of Taiwan, our pride and joy. We welcome you to join us on an unforgettable and unique insider’s view of spectacular Taroko — from a local-style barbecue to gorgeous hikes.


mammal species found in Taroko


(meters) height of its highest point, Mount Nanhu


(%) of Taiwan’s bird species are found in Taroko


(sq. km.) size of the Taroko National Park

taroko 123 tour packages

Join us for a unique and unforgettable trip during your stay in Taiwan



Enjoy a relaxing journey in the heart of the mountains of Taroko. Unwind at Leader Village Taroko Hotel’s wooden lodge nestled deep in a valley. We will explore some gentle yet stunning hiking trails in Taroko National Park and visit a few bonus landmarks known only to locals.



Taroko Adventure is perfect for more experienced hikers. We’ll explore the Jhuliu Cliff Trail, one of Taiwan’s most beautiful hiking routes that can take around six hours. The tour also includes other must-see attractions in Taroko, tailored to your interests. You’ll also have the option to choose other, lesser-known hikes (dependent on mountain entry permits).



Get the complete experience of the sparkling sea and the splendid mountains. Hike the scenic trails of Taroko Gorge and bike along the path of the East Coast in Hualien. These idyllic biking routes take you along pristine coastlines and through open rice fields, charming townships, and rural aboriginal villages.


Angela William

Angela Williams (Utah, USA)

Absolutely loved it! I’m so grateful to Taroko 123 for tailoring a perfect 3-day, 2-night tour for my family of 3 young boys –helping to keep my kids safe and allowing us to have adventures we never could have had on our own! This tour has been the most fulfilling, culturally interesting, and amazingly stress-free trip that I’ve had in Taiwan.


Thomas Sørensen‎ (Norway)

We especially enjoyed spending time with our local guide and driver, Shi Hwa. He was such a nice guy, took us around to all his favorite spots, shared his favorite places to eat, and is so knowledgeable about everything in the National Park. For someone who normally likes to go on our own, I was pleasantly surprised and happy about our Taroko123 experience. We brought my parents on our second trip, and they loved it too!


Becky Pirkl Hurd‎ (Oregon, USA)

My son and I had an incredible 4 day adventure into the Taroko Gorge with Taroko 123. We chose Taroko 123 for the aboriginal exposure we could get, their flexibility and the ability to customize our experience. They did not disappoint.


DArcy Klingle (Washington D.C., USA)

WOW! What an AMAZING experience we had working with Taroko 123 on a trip to Taroko Gorge over Valentine’s weekend. It was a little last minute planning on our end and Taroko 123 made it BETTER than anything we could have imagined! THANK YOU for making our special weekend one of the most memorable ever.

Jim Leu

Jim Leu (Shanghai, China)

Finding a place that caters to small children (a 4 year old and 2 year old) and a 70-year old Grandma is no easy feat.  Taroko 123 had it all!  The kids loved roaming around and discovering nature.  Grandma loved sampling the delicious local cuisine.  We stayed in a basin resort under the stars surrounded by mountains.  Taroko 123 completely customized the trip , my whole family was happy.


Wadzi & Milli (Zimbabwe)

Could not think of any better way Milli and I could have spent our weekend in November 2016 with Taroko 123. Our guide, Giwas took us to unbeaten paths only the local knows- He shared stories about their homeland and their family; we savored local delicacy and most special of all, We danced to the drums, laughed with the local children and shared about Africa – our Homeland.