Taroko 123 | Kaixin Workshop 開心學堂
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Kaixin Workshop 開心學堂

What is Kaixin Workshop 開心學堂?

Founded in 2014, Kaixin Workshop 開心學堂 is a monthly cultural exchange that brings global perspectives to local indigenous children in Taroko Gorge. Every month, we invite a volunteer teacher from a different country to meet the community and teach the kids about their life, culture, work, or passion. These short one-day classes expose the children, who often don’t have the opportunity to travel Taiwan much less abroad, to new ideas. Our hope is that each Kaixin Workshop will expand the children’s minds and give them a new outlook on life.


Since Kaixin Workshop began, we’ve hosted visiting volunteer teachers from India to Switzerland, each with a different global perspective. The local kids have been exposed to a variety of ideas, from the intricacies of photography to the joys of American football. Kaixin Workshop also gives visiting teachers the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the village and see Taroko Gorge in a different light.


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Want to help support Kaixin Workshop?

Giving our children greater international perspectives is essential to their growth and the continuation of the Truku tribe culture. We invite anyone who is interested to volunteer as a teacher, take part in our tours, or donate to our cause to keep Kaixin Workshop running and to help fund our future Global Home (Taroko III).


To get involved, donate, or learn more, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page. Thank you!

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