Taroko 123 | Our Mission
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Our Mission

Cultural Exchange

We believe that if you really want to get to know a place, then knowing the locals is a must. Taroko 123 was founded with the mission of helping travelers discover the beauty of Taroko through friendships and cultural exchanges with us, the indigenous Truku villagers. Our tours offer an authentic experience built atop shared stories, delicious food, and exploration of beautiful nature. We can show you a side of Taroko less traveled, from an indigenous BBQ with local treats to hiking trails off the beaten track.

Understanding Taroko 123

Taroko 123 was founded for the purpose of cross-cultural exchange between the indigenous peoples of Taroko and the international community. We want to promote Taroko Gorge to the world as a place of beautiful nature, people, culture, and history.


For a deeper understanding of Taroko 123, listen to this ICRT Taiwan Talk interview with Founder Amy C. Liu.


A Taiwan Cultural Book- You can order Amy’s book, Taiwan A to Z: The Essential Cultural Guide, by sending us a message on our Contact Us page.

Taiwan A to Z

The three parts of Taroko 123:

Taroko I: Taroko Tours

Taroko tours are the gateway to experiencing Taroko from a Truku villager’s insider view. Proceeds from the tours fund our two non-profit initiatives. Click here to view our tour offerings.


Taroko II: “Kaixin Living” Workshop

Kaixin Workshop is at heart of Taroko 123. Proceeds from Taroko Tours fund this non-profit venture that works to bring global perspectives to the local indigenous children. Click here to learn more.


Taroko III: Building a Global Home

We hope to build a global home/community center in Taroko for international learning and ideas exchange. We want this to be a space where international travelers can stay and interact with the locals. The locals would also be able to use the space to learn more about their new international friends. Interested in lending a hand? Contact us!